Bejing Kids Rebublic Bookstore.

Look at these amazing photos. This is the Bejing Kids Rebublic Book Store. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.







2 thoughts on “Bejing Kids Rebublic Bookstore.

  1. Reblogged this on 56J Our Classroom and commented:
    Rennae has found these great images of a bookstore in Beijing. When I was in China last year I was lucky enough to visit an International School that had a library that looked like this. Books and learning are very important to a child’s education in China.

  2. Wow Rennae. How on earth could you have found this? I have actually seen these pictures before but did not record any information. Sorry about that. If I did record some I would have been on your fantastic blog typing up info untill 12:00 am. I also agree, an element that a child needs in life is education. Without education you cant have a scholership, job, you probely have to get kept down a few years because your education is low. All these things you need in life. I would feel sorry for a child that didnt have an education because they probly wouldnt have any friends because in most general cases a child is likely to make friends at school.

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