Mr Felix talks to Mrs Joyce

This was a very exitin moment for everyone. Mr Felix is all the way across the world ad my teacher skyped him the other day. We are all so exited because we are also setting up a blog for another school in Ugabda. Can’t wait

Our Global Classroom


5/6J I met Mr Felix in person on Skype. I heard about his inspiring story about how vital it is for global connections and to help all our students be Global Citizens. He was just as lovely in person as he is via email.

AND I was also so very lucky to meet Martin who is one of the students who regularly comments on our blog. Together with Mr Felix and all our Global Teachers we will continue to connect our students with the world. Tonight talking to Mr Felix made me so very proud to be a teacher and so very lucky to have friends who I can talk to and share wonderful learning experiences.


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2 thoughts on “Mr Felix talks to Mrs Joyce

  1. Hello, Rennae! I love your enthusiam to learn more about the world!!! Very clever of you to have your own blog…your contributions are sincere and filled with energy…go girl!!!!!! I was also SO excited to hear Mrs J had been skyping Mr Felix….how wonderful technology allows us to do this! Did you read the comment from the Ugandan teacher? She also sounds lovely and I’m looking forward to hearing more about this connection on the blog too! Well done, Rennae! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Lynette I think Ben would also have the skills to make his own blog. I think over the holidays you two should make a blog about how to use computers because Ben knows a lot about computers. I did read the comment that the Uganda teacher put up and she does sound lovely. I hope I can approve more comments from you Lynette. See you soon.
    Rennae 🙂

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