Global Education Helps Us With Our Reading and Our Writing

Here are some snapshots that my friend Ashlee and Ben wrote. Mine is there to. Please give me feeback on what you think of my piece of writing.

Our Global Classroom

Snapshot Writing – 5/6J You should be so Proud

Rennae’s Writing Piece


Here I stand in front of a massive fixated flower pot in Tiananmen Square. The flowers are so vibrant. This is the most memorizing place in the world. It is cold and misty like in a rainforest.  I can’t believe that the flowers in the pot are real. How do they keep the weed under control?  The wind is whistling through my poncho. There are massive puddles everywhere it is hard not to step in one. The perfumes of the flowers are running through my nostrils. The misty wind is on my face making me shiver. The flowers are so beautiful I want to take one home with me. The grey clouds make the flowers seem dull and uninteresting but I still find them amazing. There are so many people here I hope I don’t get lost. I…

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