Look and Learn Homework: Can you work our what these images taken by the Space Station are of?

When I first looked at these photos I thought the second one wa the Himalayas in Siberia. I also thought thr th last photo was the barrier reef but when mrs Joyce said that the river was Australia I changed what I thought now I have no idea what it is.

Mrs Joyce this is a snapshot that I am just doing as I type. This is on the last photo.

Here I am in the space station just floating around. I can see these weird all most glowing lines that I think are of the edge of New Zeland. My eyes are fixated to the glowing lines they are like something I have never seen in my life. It is almost like they are giant eels that are in the water. I wonder what they actually are. I really confused because they are that interesting. I am so exited though at the same time because I have never seen this before in my life. I wonder what else I will see while I am up in the space staion just floating around. 😄

Hope that is okay Mrs Joyce .

Our Global Classroom

Hint: The countries these images are focusing in on are – Australia, Siberia, New Zealand and Bolivia.

What can you see?

What famous landmark in the given countries, are the photos of?

What were your first thoughts when you looked deeply at the image?

Complete this task in your Writers Notebook and extend our thinking to the point you would be able to prepare a detailed piece of writing about your seed.

Astronaut  Chris Had?eld space station photos of Earth


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