Tornado rips through town

This is my thoughtys on the tornado.
My first reaction when the video started was that my eyes were fixated on the massive noisey tornado. I thought that the person was crazy videoing it because the tornado could of come right up to him. It is unbelieveable that the tornando was big and killed more than 90 people. I thouight that was big than Mrs Joyce said that they had a bigger tornado in 2009. I was worried about the people who were around the tornado because they had town distoryed into flat rubble. I wish that we can go and help with the clean up.

Our Global Classroom

Our thoughts are with the families that have lost loved ones in the Oklahoma City Tornado

A MONSTER tornado with winds up to 320km/h and 1.6km across has smashed Oklahoma City, killing more than 90, wiping out entire neighbourhoods, crushing schools and causing pile-ups on highways a residents scrambled for safety.

Tornado rips through town.

What is your reaction to this news report?

How would your feel if you lived there and why?

Why do tornados happen?

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