Mrs Joyce and Chloe Visit Mrs Price at Jindivick Primary

My teacher Mes Jouce was lucky enough to go and visit one of the teachers who comment on the blog regularly. Mrs Price is her name and she is in jindervick.

Our Global Classroom

5/6J I was so lucky to see Mrs Prices Classroom.


Hello everyone,

One Saturday I was so lucky to travel with my daughter Chloe to visit Mrs Price. We all know Mrs Price is one of our regular visitors to our blog. I went with Mrs Price to her school Jindivick Primary School and was so excited to see her classroom. Take a look at my photos and I would love everyone to send a shout out ‘Hello’ Message to Mrs Price and all her fabulous Prep/1 Students.

Also, in the photos you will see a vocabulary list hanging in the room which Mrs Price was showing me. This list is the same as our Tier 2 list. Take  a look at the Tier 2 words Mrs Prices Prep/1’s have found in their reading and research, I was so impressed.


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