Questions You Might Have

If you have any questions for me please ask me. I can answer most of your questions.


13 thoughts on “Questions You Might Have

  1. Just asking but does Mrs Joyce have to accept my thingy when making a blog because it comes up with that I have to accept but Im not sure how to?

  2. With the Nominate a Teacher on Epals how do you do it, because I went into it but it says
    “Choose a concise, but descriptive, name” and I don’t know what to do in there, do you?

  3. The great walk
    We are standing outside ready to fill the buckets up with disgusting, harmful, deadly and dangerous water that could lead to death….
    this will be the experience that many people have to do every single day, but not us, we are called lucky country for wha we got, if you were to go to a poor and developing country such as Uganda. The kids there have to go collect dirty water some times 2 times a day, walking miles and miles to get polluted water that can cause death but they could die if they don’t get any. More than 3.4 million people die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes. Nearly all deaths, 99 percent, occur in a developing country, I know this wouldn’t happen in Australia much, so now I know why we would be called a lucky country because this is a extremely upsetting thing that happens in our world that I hope it gets solved soon and that everyone helps out because you would want it to be you collecting dirty water for hours and lugging it around.

    All Mrs. Joyce tells us is fill up buckets up using nothing but our hands. The water was frozen and so were our hands when we put then in to collect as much water as we can. Vanessa and I start by finding the biggest puddle we can. We had found the perfect puddle huge and deep, just its as cold as ice (not what I expected.) So we are trying as hardest to put it in but its sooooo cold!!!! We are half way finished filling it up and we cant feel our hands, I wonder how the people in Uganda like Ms. Joseline and her students could do this everyday it is gross dirty water, but it saves there lives. I look down at our bucket of water and I see the most putrid, disgusting, polluted and dirty water ever!!! I think that people in countries such as Uganda need more people to help them get clean fresh water because they shouldn’t have to rely on dirty water to help them live longer, they need help, so please. We all look at our buckets of water and I see there emotion wash out of there face when they realize how bad the water is that they have to drink everyday.

    We all have found out what we had to do next, which is walk around the whole school (about 1k) and carry the heavy buckets with us, this is going to be a loooonnnggg day. We are about to start people are struggling to even pick the bucket, so they tipped some out but if they were a kid in Uganda or other
    developing countries then they would of had to put up with how heavy it is because its what the need to live. When we start people are recording the others experiencing the pain there going through. I see that others are struggling to even carry the small ice cream containers around the school I can see that there is water over flowing and splashing on the ground. I see the incredible effort that everyone is putting in for this walk around the school. I see that people are recording others and I can hear the clicking of them stopping and starting when they are swapping over. Also notice that there is cars driving past slowly and I can see them looking at our struggle, and I hope they understand what we are doing. I think that maybe that some people are going to give up on the whole thing because of how heavy the buckets are. This is an awful thing that kids have to do on a day daily bases, you shouldn’t have to do this, I wonder how many people a day have to do this everyday? I think that people should start donating money to because this a very distressing and depressing moment, to find out accally what they have to drink to keep them alive, because they need water to live and that’s the only water they have got. I think the little kids with heavy buckets must persistent and pull there weight because there is a very long way to walk with such heavy buckets. I wouldn’t even be able to carry it twice around the school because once was enough for me, else my arms would drop off in pain. I think that maybe most of the people have understood better on what some kids have to do every single day, and drink the water as well. I think that the kids are proud of what they have done today and was extremely happy on what they accomplished on the way though out that day.

    I finally have had my personal experience on something that is so important to our world. Now I know the struggle that the kids have to do every day and how much pain there in. I also have seen the disgusting water they have to drink they have to drink every single day. I now know how much different mine and a child from a developing country is, all I have to do is turn on a tap and there’s water, but over they got to walk for miles and hours to get gross and dirty water that’s come from anywhere. Over here people waste water all the time and sometimes with out even knowing it. I now have a excellent understanding on what goes on in the world of water.

    FrOm Ashlee!!

  4. Hi Rennae I hope you are enjoying secondry school
    QUESTIONS: How old are you?
    What year are you in?
    Do you got to secondrey school or high school?

    From Peace one of Emma’s friends 🙂 😉 😮

    • Hey Peace,
      I ma enjoying secondary school. It can be boring and frustrating but other wise its fine.
      I am 13 years old. I’m in year eight. Secondary and high school are the same things in Australia. I hope you are enjoying school and are having fun.
      Rennae 🙂

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